Why does blood sugar rise in the morning?

1.What is the morning dawn phenomenon? ---- Even if you don’t have diabetes, there are certain hormones in your body that can trigger your morning blood sugar spike. This is a physiological phenomenon that occurs in your body between 12 and 3 o’clock at night, your body does not seem to need to use insulin so the pancreas is not working to produce this bioactive compound. Your blood glucose levels will tend to spike between 3 and 8 am. At this time, the body will secrete more insulin to balance your blood sugar.

2. What is the Somogyi Effect? ---- The Somogyi Effect - also known as rebound hyperglycemia. Unlike the above morning dawn phenomenon, this situation is less common. It is characterized by an increase in high blood glucose in the morning in response to the night’s hypoglycemia.
Here are some clinical manifestations of the Somogyi effect:
Dizziness. Feeling sleepy during the day. Increased sweating. Feeling more hungry. In addition, in patients with diabetes, this effect is often caused by resistance or decreased insulin secretion by the body from the following reasons:

3. What are the early interventions for high blood sugar levels in the morning? ----The first thing to find out is what causes your blood sugar to rise in the morning? Once you’ve identified the specific cause, you can choose a method to control your blood sugar that’s right for you.
If the cause of your rise in blood sugar is due to the morning dawn phenomenon, you can apply some of the following measures:
Eat dinner earlier in the late afternoon (no later than 19:00) . In the evening you should limit eating foods rich in fiber. After dinner you should do light exercise such as walking. Eating breakfast at the right time for the body to work at its best helps to curb insulin resistance hormones and reduce blood sugar to normal levels. Call your endocrinologist for advice about any medications you’re taking. Before going to bed you can have a snack with some protein or a low glycemic index carbohydrate like diabetic milk. To prevent the Somogyi effect of increasing blood sugar levels you can follow a few methods:

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