What's your story? 📖 Share how you gained weight

Everyone has their own story to tell.

Share yours here. Weight gain can be caused by a lot of different reasons. Let us know how the weight gain began for you and how you coped with it.


I’m the first to post and share! I was average during my early to mid 20s. My story started when I was 28 and got pregnant. I wanted my baby to be as healthy as possible so I ate a lot and gained weight.

After the pregnancy, I wasn’t able to lose the extra pounds I got. Following right after our first daughter, my husband and I were blessed and surprised to know that another one is on the way. We didn’t plan on it so the routine continued for another 9 months. I never had the resolve to lose the pounds until now.


started during puberty… probably hormones and too much fastfood… i was bullied because of my weight and now I need the motivation to make changes in my life… i just want my self-esteem back.


I was in highschool back then, but there isn’t much to tell. I was depressed all those years up to now, and I used eating as a way to cope with and escape from it. It helped a bit with my depression but it doesn’t usually last. My mother didn’t help too as all I got from her were criticisms about my body and how I should look like her. She told me to stop but the more she told me that, the more I wanted to. Sometimes I did it just to get back at her. I’m trying hard to fight this now though.


Did you get help from a doctor? I hope you’re doing okay now, sweetie. It seems like you’ve been through a lot and I can only imagine the pain when even someone you trust makes you feel inadequate. Hugs from Orlando xx


Nothing. I guess my body is just wired that way. I gain weight easily, eat little but still somehow I’m gaining. Even at school I don’t eat much anymore because all my friends are skinny. I’m kinda pressured right now tbh.


I am deeply touched by all your stories and I am sorry you are struggling with weight loss. I am among the people who were always fat, since they were babies. I was never skinny, but I had a normal weight two times in my life. That happened because I resorted to dangerous diets or not eating at all because I wanted to lose weight. Every time I tried to lose weight, I gained it back on, so I am no longer trying to be skinny. What I’m trying to do is to stay healthy. @pluxiee_ep my friends are skinny too, but this doesn’t mean starvation is a solution!


I’ve never been satisfied with my weight and I don’t cook. I simply don’t have the patience to cook. I don’t even know how to cook except pasta, rice, fries and eggs. Basically, carbs rule my life :frowning:


Cravings, lol. I am sometimes so hungry and I simply cannot eat a salad. Even if I’ll feel full afterwards, I’d still think about crispy somethings and sweets. I am a gourmand I guess.


I wish I never had access to unhealthy food. My mom used to feed me meatballs at 10 PM when I was little, so imagine what that did to my metabolism. Although I tried all sorts of way to get my metabolism back on track, nothing seems to work. It’s like I gain weight from drinking water too!


Fortunately, I only gained weight because I am sedentary. Nothing you cannot fix with a little motivation and determination.


My weight gain is due to eating irregularly. What I mean by that is I have days when I eat a lot, unhealthy food mostly, and days when I barely eat. My body doesn’t know what to think. My lifestyle is kinda crazy and I sometimes simply forget to eat. However, when I’m alone, I always think about eating something, like the lasagna that’s baking right now :))

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Hi girls, I think I just have a lazy metabolism. I’m not very active either, so that’s how I gain weight.


Welcome here, Ashley!


I’ve always been on the curvy side and I have my moments when I want giraffe legs, ya know?


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