What to do to prevent injury?

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  1. [Avoid overuse]. Don’t do too much at one time, and get enough of rest outside of the gym
    2[.Properly warmup]. Dobrosielski recommends two to eight minutes of aerobic exercise followed by two to eight minutes of dynamic stretching or mobility training.
    3.[Properly cool down]. Dobrosielski suggests five to 10 minutes of low-level aerobic exercise followed by five to 10 minutes of static stretching or self-massage to help lengthen your muscles and return your body to its “pre-exercise state.”
    4[.Try myofascial release self-massage tools for restoring muscle comfort]. These include foam rollers or tennis balls.
    5.Use [[ice and heat].] Ice can help reduce inflammation and swelling. Dobrosielski says that cold showers are another great natural anti-inflammatory tool. Heat is good for loosening up muscle stiffness and tightness.
    6[.Cross-train on your non-lifting days]). [Dobrosielski] says cross-training can help your body recover while also burning calories and stimulating your metabolism.