What Causes Weight Gain?


What Causes Weight Gain?

Gaining weight can be extremely frustrating, especially when you’re doing everything you can to shed the extra pounds by watching what you eat and exercising regularly. While it’s no secret that a diet of fried, fatty foods, enormous portions, high-calorie desserts, alcohol and sugary soft drinks and by consuming more calories than you burn leads to extra weight, there are a variety of reasons you may be gaining weight.

Doctors agree that weight gain can be one of the most complicated health concerns with a combination of causes rather than a singular factor. Besides your diet and a lack of exercise, you may be gaining weight as a result of:

• Lack of Sleep
• Increased Stress
• Medication
• Medical Condition
• Menopause

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Eating too much cholesterol can gain weight, and also not having physical activities can gain weight.


you right :+1: , And drinking more water


Eating food with high cholesterol can gain weight, eating more rice and drinking too much cold water also