Weight Loss Question

I am in the process of “reducing my footprint” and have a question…

I’m 6’2" and had toned (not ripped) muscular legs and arms with a flat stomach likely from my 10 years in the military. Unfortunately, I ended up with some PTSD that I had to deal with and bottomed out at 340 lbs (all abdominal with some chest) by the time all was said and done. After my type 2 diagnosis, I knew there had to be a change. Today, while nowhere perfect, I am working out a little, eating better and am at 275.

My question is…how to you loose the girth starting just under your chest to your belly button? The lower part of my stomach is soft, flabby and melting however the harder “less fatty” part from the belly button up does not seem to change…what gives???

Any help, advice or encouragement is GREATLY appreciated!!!


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