Weight loss in 30 days: Diet to lose up to 5 kilos

Breakfast 1/2 papaya shaken with 1 cup of skimmed milk, 2 slices of light wholemeal bread, 1 slice of ricotta and 1 col. (tea) honey 1 cup (tea) coffee with skimmed milk, 1 wholegrain French bread or 1 crumbless French bread with 1 boiled or scrambled egg, 1 apple

Lunch In addition, 1 sliced ​​banana mixed with 1 col. (soup) oat flakes

Lunch Lettuce, tomato and grated carrot salad, 2 col. (soup) filled with brown rice, 2 slices of roasted breast or lizard, 3 sprigs of broccoli, dessert (1 slice of watermelon) In addition, 1 plate of green salad, 2 col. (Soup) full of rice, 7 grains or wholemeal, 1 grilled chicken fillet, 1 saucer of braised zucchini, dessert (1 slice of pineapple)

Lunch 2 wholegrain toast with 2 col. (soup) of light cream cheese. In addition, 2 col. (tea) strawberry jam or raspberry diet

Dinner 1 dessert plate of caprese salad (sliced ​​tomato and buffalo mozzarella or diced white cheese and basil leaves), 1 grilled fish fillet Finally, green salad, 1 omelet made with 1 whole egg, 1 egg white + 3 slices of turkey breast and chopped tomato.