Weight Loss Diet Plan To Lose 5Kgs in 5 Days

How it Works?

You can further lose up to five kgs in a week by following a calorie deficit diet, though experts suggest that it is best to target losing 1-2kgs per week. The key is to keep the body in fat-burning mode with the combination of restrictive eating and increased physical activity. Losing around 1kg of fat may be unattainable but losing 1kg of water weight is practical and possible. The body quickly releases water retention, especially at the start of a new weight loss regimen

1 - Include More Fibre In Your Diet

2- Track Your Calories

3- Snack Mindfully

4- Chew Your Food Slowly

5- Drink More Water

6- Exercise Portion Control

7- Move Your Body

8- Add Cardio To Your Routine


We now know that quick weight loss, where you can reduce 5kgs in 5 days is achievable through a diet plan. However, do bear in mind that this cannot be a sustainable or long-term weight loss solution. For a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, including physical activity in your daily routine helps.