Weight loss Can anybody share their fat-to-fit journey?

Can anybody share their fat-to-fit journey?

1Here I would Sharing my inspiration friend fitness journey from Fat to Fit, 2 years I was overweight about 84 kg. Now I have lost 20 kg. But it’s without a gym, no diet, no weight loss pills, completely adapted healthy lifestyle and of course workout. Since childhood, I was overweight even in college days. I can say I have very bad genes. Two years ago on Rakshabandhan, I went with my family to celebrate that day, sister took one photo of mine when I saw that photo, I was shocked by what had happened to me, I never looked like this earlier.

2So from that day, I decided that I have to do something for my health. Initially was very difficult for me but I didn’t give up. Earlier, I went to the gym but when I stopped workout I gained so much weight. Because of some work schedule, i didn’t’ know what to do, so decided I will start at home. My morning routine start with my alkaline water that is lemon water and honey with pinch of turmeric.

3Started cardio training for 50 min daily for 1 week. I cut off every bad food like sugar, refined flours, oily food, street food etc. I was also doing functional training, kick boxing, resistant band workout then started with weights. Climbing stairs is also the best workout. I did the workout for 6 days a week and rested one day. Resting is also as important.

4Do not use lift if it is not required. I followed the 80-20 rule i.e. 80% diet and 20% workouts. Drink 3-4 liter daily. Also the most important is to use minimum salt. My interest is in food also, so did not purchase any sweets and desserts. I make cakes and cooking and desserts at home. Still making. l started loosing weight but very slowly. Still not losing my hope. My fitness role model is Jillian Michels, Shivoham sir of Cross Fit and I like videos of Mr.Luke Coutinho, they inspire me towards fitness. They are the best in the field of fitness and health. Click here