Weight loss 20lbs in 60 Days


I am staying between 150 lbs to 160lbs weight for many years (more than 5 years). Since October 15th, I have started doing my weight loss training, I control calorie intake and do some exercise. I weighed 158.8 lbs on October 15th, then on October 17th, my weight was 155.8 lost 3 lbs in two days. Then October 19th, 153.2 lbs, and on October 21st my weight was 153.8 lbs.

Today, October 24th, my weight is still 153.8 lbs, even though I control my calorie intake and exercise 1 hour a day (Jogging, Plank, crunch and push up).

Why is my weight loss stopped at 153.8 lbs for days, is it normal? or I am doing wrong? Should I do more exercise and reduce calorie intake?

I am targeting weight loss to 138lbs in 60 days.

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Today Day 12th,

I do not give up, I keep doing exercise and control calories intake. My weight is 153.6lbs, but this morning I felt my belly become not firm anymore, it’s getting loose. I hope it’s good to sign and the breaking-point to lose some weight.


Day 13th,

152.8 lbs…

winners never quit and quitters never win

Today day 16th,

151.8 lbs