The Fasting Diet



I’ve heard about diets consisting of 600 calories daily, so this doesn’t seem like real fasting to me! There’s a guy who became famous online for fasting for 50 days I think. During certain days, he wasn’t even drinking water. Solid food was out of the question.


I was subjected to a 600 calorie diet many years ago. I remember losing 20 pounds per month with it. However, I can’t eat apples since.


600 is definitely something though compared to nothing.


My brother is on an intermittent fasting diet. He can eat between 2pm and 10pm around 2000 calories and during the rest of the time he doesn’t eat anything. This way, he will achieve a weight loss of 20 pounds in a few months. At least that’s how an app that he uses calculated his progress.


Did your brother lose weight?