The Cambridge Diet

Eat less than 500 calories per day with the Cambridge Diet!

The most extreme step – stage one – is a Sole Source diet and involves eating and drinking only Cambridge products – a mixture of shakes, soups and nutritionally dense bars – along with 2.5 litres of water. Some of the participants don’t eat solid food at all during this diet and shed a lot of pounds.

However, due to the highly restrictive nature of the diet, critics say it does not equip dieters for long-term weight loss, while medical experts say they do not recommend diets with calories restricted to under 600 calories per day except in extreme cases and under supervision.

Has anyone tried this diet? Is it worth it?

This diet sounds like the Herbalife company, which provides the same. People don’t eat solid food, they lose a lot of weight and then put it back on. I’m not sure about the price of the Cambridge diet, but Herbalife products used to cost a lot. Actually, my grandmother paid for shakes and had to suffer the consequences with less money in her pocket.

I believe it’s been established that not eating solid food is unnatural and a torture for the body! I don’t disagree with this method in extreme cases, but I would definitely not recommend it to someone who needs to shed 20 pounds.

No, thank you! ahaha