The best way of losing weight during RAMATHAN

[Find out ways to lose weight fast during Ramadan](

As we all know, Ramadan is a period where we get close to God through prayer and fasting, a time where we get to adjust from our regular meal plans to follow a new one in order to get our prayers answer.

However, in the process of fasting is compulsory we lose weight one way or another due to the adjustments. It is some people’s wish to lose weight for as long as they want which this fasting period is a great opportunity for them but what happens after fasting they go back to their normal eating habits thereby gaining back the lost weight 2xs faster.

It is important to know that once you are on a journey of losing weight its best you keep up with the goal till you attain your desired result. In as much as it can be very difficult… You have to be persistent.

The link i am going to drop below this post is a video of how you can lose weight faster and healthily during and after Ramadan
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