The Answer to Obesity Is Right In the Statistics – Obesity In Children & Unhealthy Foods – Dr.Berg

In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the answer to obesity. See how it is obvious to know what is causing obesity through these food statistics.

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0:00: Introduction
0:15: Stats for Obesity in Americans 2014
1:21: What We Need?
2:08: Tips on reducing obesity
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Since 1970, obesity has tripled in adults and almost tripled in children. The answer lies in the statistics.

  1. Vegetables – an average American consumes 1.6 cups of vegetables per day.

  2. Protein – an average American consumes 7.1 ounces’ protein per day.

  3. Fat – daily consumption of 63 grams.

  4. Vegetable fat – 44.7 grams.

  5. Saturated fat – 14.7 grams.

  6. Grains – 0.48 pounds, which is half a pound a day, and 174 pounds a year.

  7. Sugar – 23 teaspoons per day, or 131 pounds per year.

What is Good and What Isn’t?

:heavy_check_mark: 63 grams seems reasonable.

:x: 1.6 cups of vegetables are not enough. You need 7 – 10 cups per day.

:x: 44.7 grams of vegetable oil is too high because it’s soy canola GMO.

:x: 0.48 grains per day is not ideal.

:x: 23 teaspoons per day are also too high.

These are the factors that lead to obesity among Americans.

What to Do?

:heavy_check_mark: Increase vegetables.

:heavy_check_mark: Cut down the vegetable oil.

:heavy_check_mark: Lower the sugar and grain intake.

Many would tell you that it’s saturated oil, but only consuming 14.7 grams isn’t too much of a problem.

Why is Obesity a Problem in Society?

Obesity is dangerous since it’s linked to mental health problems and a lower standard of living. Obesity is also linked to some of the most likely reasons of mortality in the United States and throughout the globe, such as;

• Diabetes

• Heart disease

• Stroke

• Different forms of cancer.

How are Children Affected by Obesity?

Obese children are more prone to suffer from:

• High blood pressure

• Cholesterol

These are cardiovascular disease risk concerns. Further risks are:

• Impaired glucose tolerance

• Insulin resistance

• Type 2 diabetes are all risks

• Asthma

• Sleep apnea

What Percent of Americans are Obese?

Obesity rates in the United States were 42.4 percent in 2017–2018. Obesity prevalence in the United States climbed from 30.5 percent to 42.4 percent between 1999 and 2018. The risk of obesity increased from 4.7 percent to 9.2 percent within the same time period.

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