Teal body | esthetic blend teal custom corrective body complex

Prepare your body for a lifetime of luxurious corrective care.

Get a radiant tone and restored texture from head to toe by slipping into this thick, silky cream. With a little retinol, you can help undesired surface pigmentation fade by allowing mild Sepiwhite and sweet almond oils to repair and brighten your skin. Sea kelp that has been ground into a powder has almost magical anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and brightening properties. You’ll notice that your skin starts to regain its original beautiful look in about 3 days.

The active substances that remove dark spots and blotches also slightly reduce general melanin synthesis, which can have the side effect of making your skin lighter overall or brighter overall. It is entirely safe to use Skintrium products for as long as you like, and many customers prefer it.

Use Esthetic Blend Corrective Teal Moisturizer for the Body alone or as a pre-treatment to adapt your skin before applying Esthetic Blend Oro Corrective Moisturizer for the Body or Esthetic Blend Platinum Corrective Moisturizer for the Body, which is more potent and quick-acting.


60ml or 2 ounces.

To use:

Apply a quarter-sized amount to the body every morning and evening. Work from the outer edge of your skin towards the center using gentle sweeping motions in both the clockwise and anticlockwise directions. The fragile skin of the face should NOT be exposed to this product.


To balance out any discolorations and get skin ready for the more pronounced pigment-reducing and brightening effects of Oro and Platinum, introduce your skin to the delights of the Esthetic Blend series starting with Teal.

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