Smoking reduces calorie intake

How many of you are smoking? This study found a link between smoking and a reduced calorie intake.

I never smoke since birth :slight_smile: I really don’t like the smell of the cigars. :frowning:

That’s totally understandable and I’m really happy for anyone who isn’t smoking. Sadly, I do smoke and I have been smoking for 12 years now. Quitting is a lot harder than losing weight haha.

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Most of my friends do smoke, whenever we have a get together, I would look like strangers around them lol… am just not into smoking. And they didn’t push me to do so too.

Again, I’m really happy for anyone who isn’t smoking or who isn’t addicted to something. Pushing you into smoking would mean they aren’t good friends, so keep them around even if they make you smoke passively. :slight_smile: