Skinny guy solved in 21 days

Hi, I’m Mihnea, I’m 19 years old and until I discovered a simple diet I identified as a skinny guy. Of course, the effort I went through to reach my current physique was greatly supported by the gym, but this 21-day smoothie-based diet was the key. After the 21 days of the diet, when people noticed my transformation, both through the contouring of the mandible, the loss of belly fat and many other things, my friend at that time with a weight of 98 kg wanted to try and after the 21 days he had no more than 88 kilograms, a diet that if you repeat for 2 months in a row really works wonders. It’s not a guarantee, it’s just my experience and that of my friends with this diet that has toned us all. I leave here a link with the product and I am waiting for opinions for those who want to surpass themselves