PocketMonie School: How to Get Paid in Dollars Offering Remote Service in Nigeria

How would you feel if you made your first $1k (that’s over N1.6 million naira current exchange rate)?

It may seem much to you, but it’s like a chicken change to companies making over $100k (N60m) abroad.

If you have something of value that can help their business, they will be more than happy to pay
even more than $1k to help them.

And for you to be able to help them you need skills and the kind of training that will position you
to get paid that amount for your services.

And that’s what the PocketMonie Online School is offering you.

The PocketMonie Online School will teach you the skill, how to get high-paying international
companies to hire you and even do the job for you.

The Pocketmonie School by Joshua Mba and Mr. Czar Nnamani, two great men
who built top brands online, brands like Stakecut.

They have made over $200 Million online building and helping people all over the world.

(you can google search them if you are still sceptical)

Today they want to hold you by the hand and show you the step-by-step process
they have used to create wealth for themselves and many others online.

Sound great?

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