Overcome emotional eating

Emotional eating is something I do and many of you do as well. Trying to avoid it by changing our habits seems like a good idea and it seems doable too. However, I always end up doing the same after a while. According to a 12 step plan to overcoming emotional eating, you have to keep yourself motivated and even focused on the problem.

Step 1 involves eating 5 to 6 small meals per day. This one is supposed to put our sweet tooth to sleep.
Step 2 urges us to avoid eating white bread, white rice, white sugar.
Step 3 is all about stress levels. The main idea is to find a way to relax in order to reduce them.
Step 4 comes when you have to identify the triggers. What makes you eat even though you’re not particularly hungry?
Step 5 talks about the power of habit. It’s said that if you do something for 21 days, your body will get used to it. I’m not sure about this though. I always wanted sugar even if I didn’t eat it for 21 days.
Step 6 involves asking for a friend’s help. Support is very important.
Step 7 is about setting goals. This will keep you motivated.
Step 8 encourages us not to use a scale. Using a scale can become stressful. Just enjoy seeing how clothes fit you better instead.
Step 9 is about keeping track. Blogging or keeping a journal is supposed to help us mentally.
Step 10 is to join a group. It doesn’t matter what kind of group, as long as it keeps your mind off eating and maybe even relates to your problem.
Step 11 talks about avoiding company who urges you to eat with him or her.
Step 12 is useful because it lets you know how to be gentle with yourself. Not eating based on emotions is hard, but you can manage it over time.