Meditation to lose weight ? Very Important

our efforts around exercising and eating well are helping your blood pressure and your weight. Something else might also help: meditation.

Meditation – the practice of focusing your attention in order to find calm and clarity – can lower high blood pressure. It can also help you manage stress, which drives some people to eat.

“People often put on weight from trying to comfort themselves with food,” says Adam Perlman, MD, executive director of Duke

Although there’s not a lot of research showing that meditation directly helps you lose weight, meditation does help you become more aware of your thoughts and actions, including those that relate to food.

As we all agree, the brain is the one in charge for most of our actions. Even though, not always the decisions our brains take are the smartest ones, fortunately we can educate them, according to our own desires and aspirations. One very important thing we can use our brains for is meditation, meaning to think profoundly at something in order to get it solved or to understand it.

Now you only one step away to start meditation and also losing weight !

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