Looking For Anyone To Complete My Questionnaires For My PhD Concerned With Thought Processes And Weight (you can win a £100 Amazon Voucher too)

I am conducting a study for my PhD comparing the different thought processes held by people of different weight groups, and seeing if there are differences between these groups. Anybody can take part in this study, so please share this post with anybody you feel may wish to take part.

• You will be asked to provide informed consent, complete four questionnaires and a brief medical history form.
• Your answers in this study will be kept anonymous.
• The questionnaires ask simple questions, and you will be asked to give an answer that best matches how you feel from the choices provided. For example, the question: “I feel that people will take advantage of me”, and the choice of answers: “Completely untrue of me”, “Mostly untrue of me”, “Slightly more true than untrue”, “Mostly true of me”, and “Describes me perfectly”.
• You will only be asked to provide contact details if you would like to take part in future studies and/or if you would like to be entered into a draw to win a £100 Amazon voucher which will be drawn at the completion of the study in August.

If you would like to participate, please click this link: https://hull.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/study-one-v12

Thank you in advance for reading/sharing/taking part.