It's simply improving your nutrition

[#### It’s simply improving your nutrition.

Yes, your fat-loss success this coming year all starts with the foods and the amount of those food you eat on a consistent basis.

After a long 2020 which for most of us consisted of stress and emotional eating, lots of takeout, and maybe a few too many adult beverages, it’s time to turn things around. It’s time to lose those quarantine pounds and the biggest opportunity to do so starts with your diet.

Let’s start with why.

Energy Balance

The first concept that is crucial to understand for fat-loss is energy balance.

We’ve all heard the term calorie. Each food we eat comes with a certain amount of calories. They make up the food we eat and represent the energy the food offers.

Take a look at the table below:

Weight gain = calories eaten > calories burned

Weight maintenance = calories eaten = calories burned

Weight loss = calories eaten < calories burned

In order for us to lose weight in 2021, we need to put ourselves in what’s known as a calorie deficit.

This means we need to consistently burn more calories than we consume.

How do we burn calories? We actually burn the most calories during the day with our body’s daily functions. They help us with various bodily functions that we have no control over like digesting food and breathing.

We can also burn more calories through physical activities like our workouts.

The KEY to understand though is that workouts alone are NOT a sustainable way to keep us in a calorie deficit.

Think you’re burning 600-800 calories at your workouts?

Here’s the truth:

Research shows we typically overestimate how many calories we burn during a workout and underestimate how many calories we consume during the day (by over 500 calories).

The truth is we typically burn somewhere between 200-400 calories per workout. That is the equivalent of a serving or 2 of peanut butter – yikes! Yes, all it takes is a small snack to wipe out the calories you burned during your workout.

Talk about a poor recipe for fat-loss. In fact, just focusing on working out to lose weight is a recipe for maintaining or gaining weight.

The real ticket to sustainable fat-loss is using your nutrition to keep you in a small calorie deficit.

Notice I said small deficit.

Cut calories too much or too quickly and here’s what will happen:

Your workout performance will suffer due to a lack of fuel. You’ll be chronically tired and irritable. You’ll be hangry (hungry + angry). And most importantly, your fat-loss will plateau as you can’t just keep lowering your calories.

This is why 80-90% who diet put the weight they lose back on and then some.

You might see a quick drop in weight but that will halt overtime. Too little calories taken in will actually cause your body to go into starvation mode and hold onto fat for fuel. Not good if you want to make longterm changes.

Instead, the key is to start with a small deficit to keep your energy levels high, workout performance strong, and to see a gradual decrease in body-fat (1-2lbs per week).

Now it’s time to get into how.Click here to learn more:(
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