I was on the verge of being impotent, but now I'm able to have sex 3 hours non stop!

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I’m sure at least one in three men has had the same problem as me… It’s hard to talk about it, it’s hard to get a doctor’s appointment, and it’s hard to live with it. That’s why many don’t even consult with a doctor or any other specialist, and prefer to remain silent.

My penis would hardly raise!

Of course I was not completely impotent, but almost all the girls would walk away from me after our first meeting … And all this happened because if my penis finally lifted, within 5 minutes that would be it. It was so humiliating. Some don’t even know what it’s like to live without being able to satisfy well a woman.

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I could not comprehend the idea, and to be truthful I had a bunch of complexes. But, there are older men who have sex with their younger girlfriends. AND I, WHO WAS ONLY 27 YEARS OLD, COULD NO LONGER CONTROL MY OWN PENIS!