I want to lose weight without changing my lifestyle

The internet is full of ways to lose weight, but they all require a lifestyle change. Can’t we really just do something in particular to lose weight without having to change our lifestyle? I’m a young chick, who likes to go out and party and I can’t think that I’m ruining my diet every time I go out or have coffee with a friend. There must be something not so radical to do. Any ideas?

Eating less is always better! Just eat what you normally do, but eat less. Eat smaller portions.

Kendal, everyone will tell you to quit sugar and carbohydrates, as well as some fats if you want to lose weight. It’s almost impossible to lose weight without changing your lifestyle.

Yeah, all you hear about these days is making small changes that will turn into a lifestyle. Man, I know I like junk food and I want to eat it again after I lose some weight.