How to Lose Weight Fast (For Women)

  1. Consume fewer calories - To lose weight, you’ll need to cut out some of the calories you eat each day. Making a calorie deficit is the first step to quick weight lose.

  2. Choose more lean protein and non-starchy vegetables.]When you are restricting the number of calories you eat, it’s important to make nutritious food choices so that you provide your body with the nutrients it needs.

  3. Eat fruit and whole grains in moderation. Although these foods are healthy additions to any diet, they contain slightly higher amounts of carbohydrates which can slow your rate of weight loss.


If there is one exercise, we all love to hate and hate to love it is this one.
A plank is a simple effective body exercise that requires no equipment and can be performed just about anywhere.
Holding your body stiff as a board develops strength primarily in your core - the muscle that connects your upper body and lower body as well as your shoulders, arms
For more planking tutorials refer to video 1-5