How to lose weight easily and quickly

Loosing weight is very hard. Sometimes it’s easy for some, but weight lose can lead to stress or overworking/overwhelming but I don’t want that! So I will give you some tips to lose weight,

Tip 1: eat more healthy.

Tip 2: exercise more and if your to tired to do that then just have some protein!

Tip 3: go to gym when it’s your free time!

Tip 4: go outside for fresh air for 2-5 minutes to keep you going!

Tip 5: try running everyday when your at the park or anywhere!

Tip 6: please don’t over work yourself or you will be tired!

Tip 7: take breaks in Saturday or Sunday!

Bonus: How To Lose Weight: The Real Math Behind Weight Loss - YouTube click this link, this is a video how to lose weight anyways If you want more tips and conversation then let me know and I will try to make more or these post. Anyway Bye! :wave:

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