How to loose weight fast at home

I don’t believe that losing weight fast is the healthiest approach. It often backfires, which leads to regaining all (or more) of the pounds shed, and it usually results in shedding only water weight, rather than body fat.

That said, I’ve counseled hundreds of people throughout the years, and some need to see quick results in order to feel confident and successful, which allows them to build the motivation and momentum needed to ease into long-term lifestyle changes. The latter is the ultimate goal, and the best way to achieve lasting weight-loss results.

But if you’re initially motivated to drop a few pounds fast, here’s a primer on what you should know, including the safest approaches, and who should definitely not go down the quick fix path.

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Most weight loss tactics focus on what to cut out. For quick results, you’ll see the greatest impact when you ditch the usual suspects: processed foods, including fast food; sugary foods, like candy and sweet drinks; products made with refined white flour and sugar, including baked goods; and items high in sodium, such as frozen dinners, pizza, and canned soup.