How I lost weight in less than 10 days

So I wouldn’t call the way I lost weight the right way. Using my method has its downs but very effective and you have to be consistent and very determined. If you don’t want to take a bitter medicine, you don’t run away from it because you still want to be healed so my method is the same.

I know a lot of us have done our research and found out that cinnamon and honey contributed to weight loss and it’s the truth. I tried exercises, and boy, I saw no improvement or let me say it’s a long tiring process.

So I tried the cinnamon. I boiled it in water and poured it in a cup to cool down. Then I poured in my honey. To be honest, it’s very bitter but I was determined. I Drank it morning and evening each day.

Side effect : I visited the toilet a lot. No food could stay in my stomach for long.
I stopped craving for very sweet drinks.

Did it work? : Of course it did. I lost weight rapidly in just 7 days. God is my witness, I definitely lost weight.

Did you believe it will work? I definitely did believe. It was my last resort.
Alot of people don’t like the taste or smell of cinnamon so they tend to drop it.

I will advice that, you check the side effects of cinnamon before you use it. Too much can be disastrous

I would recommend this product/supplement if you don’t like smell of cinnamon.
Loose weight pills

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