How i lost 85 pounds in a span of months

Hello evryone, my name is Adrian i am a 22 year old male from California i want to share to ervybody here what is the best way to lose weight relativle quikly. The number 1 things to keep in mind is that DIET IS KEY!!!, diet is about 80% of the work. the basics behind weight loss is being in a calorie defecit (burn more calories than you consume), here is a simple video about it, The science is in: Exercise isn’t the best way to lose weight - YouTube

Honsetly, wich diet you chose also matters quite a bit consideringen consistesy is also very very important. you don’t wanna be eating things that taste bad al the time, therefore most people quit and dot lose weight that is why i stuck to this exact plan. Yes the plan cost money but succes takes sacrafice that is just how it works. nothing good in live is going to come/be free,

Hope this helps out, if you have any more questions lmk!