How fast can you loose fat(6 important tips)

First and foremost, people don’t realize that what they drink is the first step in losing that first
10 pounds. In fact, most people don’t know that when they feel hungry, they may actually be
dehydrated and they are really thirsty, not hungry. Water is remarkable as well. Over 66% of
your body weight is nothing but water. This is also why water plays an important role in weight
control. So TIP #1 is:
Drink plenty of water. It is recommended that you drink 8 glasses per day, but that may take
you some time to work up to. Your body needs a whole lot of water. Water doesn’t just flush
all the toxins out of your body, but it makes you feel better and healthier. When you drink a lot
of water you just begin to feel fit and this is the motivation you need to lose weight.
The best thing about water is you can drink as much as you want because it has no calories at
all. When you’re drinking a lot of water, you eat less as well because you won’t feel as though
you are starving to death. Remember, if you feel hungry, try drinking a glass of water first and
you’ll realize you were probably just dehydrated and not hungry at all.

TIP #2: Do your best to stay away from soda. All sodas are sweetened with lots of sugar. The
more you can cut out of your diet the better. Also, diet soda is still soda. It may not have as
much sugar, but it has other chemicals and components that are not good for your body either. If you drink a soda, counteract it with a glass of water. Remember, caffeine dehydrates you as well. Decaffeinated sodas still have caffeine in small amounts as well and just as much sugar, so they are not much healthier either.

TIP #3: Fruit juice isn’t as healthy as most people think either. Juice actually has a lot of sugar in it as well. If you are craving a glass of juice, drink fresh fruit juice instead of juice that has artificial flavors and coloring. It is even better if you can make your own fruit juice. Just be sure not to add too much sugar which adds to the calories. Instead of drink fruit juice, eat more fruit. Fruit provides your body with much needed fiber as well as vitamins.

TIP #4: If you can say no to alcohol, then that is best. Alcohol beverages are not exactly good
for you, although a glass of red wine does have heart benefits, most are just fattening. Beer is especially fattening. Cocktails are fattening depending on what they are made of. For instance, whiskey and Coke. The whiskey may not be fattening, but the Coke definitely is. Plus, after a few drinks most people get the munchies and when you’re feeling a little inebriated and hungry you won’t be able to make rational decisions regarding your diet and it’s usually late at night, just before you pass out from a night of drinking, that you overeat. The overall combination is just not a good one.

TIP #5: Avoid drinking excessive amounts of coffee, as it desensitizes your body to the natural fat burning effects that caffeine has. One or two cups (if the day’s really slow to get started) max

TIP #6: Set meal times and stick to them. Try to have your meals at specific times and eat
them at that time. An eating pattern will help you to control what you eat and when you eat it.
Also, it really is better to have 5 small meals a day rather than just one or two huge meals. Just eating once a day makes your body feel as though it is starving, which packs on fat instead of using it as fuel. Also, don’t wait until your starving to eat. This only makes you overeat until you’re stuffed.
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