How do I lose belly fat? Something you may not have known

There are tons of ways to lose belly fat, including fasting, dieting, exercise, and cold therapy to name a few. And while all of these methods work, they just don’t work the same for everyone.

One really cool recent discovery however, is that increasing your brown fat levels is extremely significant to weight loss. And though brown fat is not a recent discovery in itself, it is recently becoming more appreciated for its incredible effects on humans.

It used to be thought that as we get older we produce less brown fat (BAT) but it is now known that that is not true. We don’t lose brown fat, we just have to know how to activate it. Which is really not that difficult.

But what is brown fat??

The human body is made up of two primary adipose tissues, white (WAT) and brown (BAT), both playing a fundamental role in maintaining our energy balance. White Adipose fat refers to the kind of fat that is commonly associated with obesity and other metabolic diseases like diabetes and is typically the kind we want less of. This particular fat harnesses energy from the foods we eat and stores it. But brown Adipose on the other hand does not harness the energy, it burns it and releases heat, dropping pants sizes like it’s hot!! (because it is:))

One of the ways brown fat is activated is when temperatures are cold. So when our body temperature drops, brown fat is turned on and begins to regulate heat. This is why "Cold Therapy’’ is sometimes recommended to boost BAT levels.

The science behind how brown fat works and where it gets its color can be found in its tightly packed mitochondria. While it makes up only 5% of our total WAT, it contains approximately 50-100 times more mitochondria than white fat does. It is this brown adipose tissue that increases metabolism, converts white fat into brown, and causes the body to burn more calories naturally without any additional effort on your end. This fat is considered, “the good fat”, and has also been shown to have incredible anti-inflammatory effects.

Eating healthier as a lifestyle choice and becoming more physically active is for sure beneficial to our overall health, our mental state, wellbeing, losing belly fat, and increasing brown adipose tissue. But there are also very key foods, herbs, and roots that you can add to your diet today that can help increase it faster without having to change your diet or exercise.

One source for boosting BAT is Perilla Leaves. These are a great natural way to lose belly fat quickly and to keep it off! It can be added to meals and is even used as medicine. Their overall health benefits and how they work are pretty remarkable and might give you a different perspective on your weight loss journey as a whole.

In addition to boosting BAT, Perilla leaves contain something called perillyl alcohol (POH), which has been shown to suppress the growth of cancer cells and thus prevent the formation of tumors.

Learn more about Perilla Leaves, 7 other brown fat boosting herbs and roots that can help you lose weight effortlessly, and how Exipure could be right for you.

-Cheers to you. Cheers to good health.