Hi every one Im a personal trainer, i hope this video will help you to forget the habits!

it’s awesome to see trainers like you spreading helpful content. Sugar is a huge problem for me and i’m trying to get rid of it

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Thanks for sharing the video. As someone who’s been trying to get back into shape after a long break, finding motivation has been a struggle. Watching this was a refreshing change—I’m starting to see how shaking up my routine might just be what I need. I’m particularly interested in running, aiming to improve my times and stamina. If anyone has tips or knows the best running coach around here, I’d love to hear about it. So any advice on navigating around here would be awesome too!

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hi Gerrod green;

yes you are absolutely right. sugar is one such thing which is not at all required by our body. we get sugar from natural sources like fruits and grains. it is sufficient. HOW IS YOU WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY GOING, IF I MAY ASK.