Freshly roasted gourmet coffees

There is a reason why no other coffee brand worked out for most people and that solely is because of the coffee beans used in it.

It’s really important to have freshly harvested coffee beans to add to your coffee because that’s when you’d feel the hit.

The freshly roasted gourmet coffee at the Little Ol’ Cookie House is made with gourmet beans and that is the reason it creates a delish coffee treat for its users.

The freshly roasted gourmet coffee when brewed in hot water/milk causing the magical scent and odour that arises, speaks all about the freshness and quality of beans compounded in it.

Every flavour is as unique as the names given to it. There is no doubt that every flavour has its unique taste. Some of them are used to make black and strong coffee whereas some are added to hot milk, just as per the preference of the consumer.

Thanks Kelly for sharing this amazing information with us.

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