Flat Belly SOS been struggling to shift the weight from stomach and face

Hello, I am a type 1 Diabetic and I have struggled with my weight gain due to insulin. When I gain weight it absolutely goes everywhere from face to stomach etc. I researched a lot of different ways to lose the weight as I can’t really go to the gym due to nerve damage due to diabetes. Ive had 4 children in the space of 14 years and it just added to my battle with weight which led me to depression as my partner ended up cheating because of how much my body had changed. I wonder has anybody had any luck with different method of weight loss? I have been giving a go at https://bit.ly/3xind5C and maybe I am being impatient but I have tried many recipes and drinks but NO LUCK! I am not seeing changes so far been 2 and a half weeks!

Anyone got any suggestions?