Favorite protein sources


I love salmon - it’s probably my favorite protein source since you can season it with a host of things to mix it up. There’s also all the added benefits of those great Omega-3’s!

Chicken breast comes in at a close second.

What are your favorite protein sources?


My favorite source of protein are egg and soya milk. I love hard boiled eggs, scrambled, and sunny side up. Soya milk is a healthy drink too. You can buy this at the supermarket and comes in different flavors.


Best protein source is of course a chicken, it contains a high level of protein that can help our body to enhance our muscle instantly.


For me the best protein source is the breast part of chicken. According to research it has a plenty of protein than can help us to lose weight. Chicken breast is very good in dieting.


Proteins are a very important and necessary part of your diet. if you are deficient in protein then you may suffer from many problems in the long run. I think it is always good to consume proteins available in the natural form rather than going for the use of protein supplements. my favourite source of protein is Chicken and all kinds of fish.


My favorite source of protein is from eggs. I don’t know how much protein one can get from fried eggs but boiled eggs works for me.


My best source of protein are eggs. I make it a point to eat one or two a day by combining it with my meal. Scrambled or hard-boiled eggs is how I usually consume them.


We are meat eaters at home so it is not a surprise that my favorite food for protein supply is steak. My favorite is porterhouse steak which is grilled medium well. Eaten with a side dish of salad, nothing can top that food for me. But steak is expensive and we normally have that when we go to a steak house or classy restaurants. It is seldom that we have steak at home because we have no grilling range.

When I am working in the office, I usually snack on nuts. It is also a good source of protein and does not affect much my weight. Eating nuts is much better than eating any other kind of snacks particularly the potato chips and other chips.


My favorite protein source is beef. I also see to it that I eat some kind of meat in a meal in a single day. I just can’t live without meat :yum: Though I try my best to eat some kind of vegetable dish on the side as much as I can.

I also like scrambling eggs for breakfast. It’s the classic breakfast dish that I guess packs protein for the day.


My favorite is chicken and eggs. And it’s easier and cheaper to get better quality of them in my country. We can get very nice free-range chicken meat and eggs. The chickens are not free-range, they also eat greens and processed at more mature age. Sure, they taste so much nicer.


Probably my most favorite protein source is green peas. Those yummy green peas aren’t only a rich supply of proteins however additionally include a big amount of fiber in it. It has about eight grams of protein in each cup. So in case you maintain a enough amount of protein for your weight-reduction plan then you definitely have to add little sweet green peas to your weight loss plan. You simply want to have this one cup of protein source and it’ll get rid of all of your deficiency.


Hi, I also love salmon! Another favorite source of protein I like are eggs - scrambled and boiled, and chicken :blush: