Fat Burning Supplements

These fat burning supplements go well with any diet!

I used L-carnitine before going power walking and I think it helped me. I’ve read that you can take those regardless of your activity routine because they still work. However, they are supplements, not miracle workers…

I only had the courage to try L-carnitine as well and I think it helped me too.

I once read a lot about the fat burning supplements taken by professional athletes. They talked about precise dosage and a lot of exercise. I didn’t think it was safe for anyone to take those.

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Hello Mere Padurete! Thanks for giving such useful tips. Finding fat burning supplements that do the job without annoying side effects is the challenge. One of my friends who is nutritionist also suggested that one should consume a minimum of one cup of cold water with each dose of a fat burning supplements to ensure the best absorption & hydration support.
Hope this could help others!

Has anyone taken this consistently and they worked?

I’m also interested.

Gimme all those pills!