Eating Less Without Results

I’m sure many of you are not eating much, but you don’t see any results when it comes to weight loss either. This may happen because of several reasons, such as lack of protein or too little protein, not eating whole foods, binge eating, lack of sleep, drinking sugary beverages, drinking too much alcohol, or even starving yourself. What other reasons can you think of?

It may be that you need to build muscle in order to burn fat and for that you need to eat, especially carbs and then lift weights.

I’ve read that most people who think they’re not eating much are actually eating more than they think. There are also cases when CICO is not properly calculated. This means that we’re eating more calories than we’re consuming, so there cannot be a noticeable weight loss.
The factors are so numerous that we can’t put our finger on it unless we do our research or talk to a nutritionist.

I think I’m drinking my calories because I really don’t eat much. However, I can’t just drink water whenever I go out.

This is definitely a tricky subject. I’ve been eating less than everybody since for ever and I’m still the chubby one.