Do you wanna know what type of metabolism you have in order to know what kind of diet works the best for your body?

Hello beautiful people,
My name is manel and I’ve been struggling with weight loss,I started my diet 8 months ago I used to eat less ( eating less means I removed bread from my alimentation, I removed all fast foods aswell and drunk a loot of water) and well ofc I started practicing sport, but after two months I noticed all I did wasnt enough so I tried to stop sport but keep on my diet, and searched on YouTube and on Google for best methods to lose weight fast buut stay healthy at the same time, we don’t wanna lose weight and lost health aswell, so I tried to search a little bit more about it til I found a video talking about what mistakes we do when we are on a diet, and hell! I’ve been doing all the mistakes the girl was talking about…
So I followed the advices and guess what guys! I was 93 kg I lost weight of course when I was on a diet so I went to 88kg but when I changed some habits I lost literally 71 kg!! So In only three months I went from 88kg to 71kg and I still wanna lose weight so m still keeping on my diet and practicing sport buuut I feel sooo happy I could do it
Ahh and by the way I forgot to tell you that before following the instructions I went to make a small quiz about what type of metabolism I have I literally recommend it to you guys, for those who are interested to take the quiz amma let the link down below and in the end I just wanna say don’t give up on your diet but just please know the exact instructions of how to do it Soo Amma let the link of the video aswell here make sure to watch it I really hope this will help u like it did to me
Here is the link of the video:

For those who are interested to take the quiz in order to know the type of metabolism they have: