Diet: here is the best way to lose weight according to a study

To lose weight, we know that it is essential to practice regular physical activity and to pay attention to what we put on our plate. But on the diet side, a very specific factor must be taken into account to optimize weight loss.

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A study published in [The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reveals that eating less and moving more is not enough to lose weight. According to the authors, it is not the “energy balance model” (consuming fewer calories than you expend), on which we must rely, but on the "carbohydrate-insulin model ".

More specifically, the American researchers explain that it is not the quantity that counts but the quality and composition of food. Because the key factor in losing pounds is the regulation of blood sugar, that is to say the concentration of glucose in the blood. And to limit this rate and thus avoid the storage of fat, it is necessary to banish foods based on refined sugars (candies, white sugar, sodas, etc.) and white flours, such as bread.

You should know that when you ingest sugar, it causes a sharp rise in blood sugar and, therefore, a spike in insulin. This hormone is responsible for lowering blood sugar by storing sugar as glycogen in the muscle and liver. But when the glycogen storage capacity reaches saturation, the excess sugar is transformed into fatty acid and stored as fat.

To promote weight loss, focus on fresh foods, rich in fiber, protein, and good fats, such as wholemeal pasta, vegetables, legumes, and meat, which, moreover, induce a feeling of more lasting satiety, say the specialists.

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