Diet and weight loss motivation

"I have lost 2 stone and 4lbs. The weight loss plan has worked so well for me because I haven’t seen it as a diet, but as a healthy way of eating and feeling great. It’s unlike any other diet I have tried before. The weight loss forum has been brilliant – it’s kept me focused and motivated. I have reached the target weight that I set for myself of 9 stone and have managed to maintain it for the last couple of months, but next year I’d like to lose another 7lbs."here is the my secret of loss weight

Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss“A year from now you will wish you started today. ” “To lose weight you need the patience of a Buddhist monk, the strength and courage of a samurai and the determination of a kamikaze. ” “There is no weight change without behavior change. ” “Your success depends only on your effort!
My brothers I selected the videos that helped me along this time. To help you with your health, watch these videos that helped me a lot with my personal weight piece.

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