Celine Dion Weight Loss - Is She Being Held Back by Her Weight?

Celine Dion weightloss has been a favorite singer of many for decades now, and one of her greatest assets is her incredibly slim and trim physique. Celine Dion also is famous for her amazing singing ability, winning many of her five Grammys. However, these days, Celine Dion’s weight loss is probably one of the hottest topics among her many fans, and even it has covered the tabloids; people are really curious as to the real reason behind this weight loss. Below you will find the answer to the question why Celine Dion has lost so much weight in a relatively short period of time:

For many years now, the true reason as to why Celine Dion has gained so much weight was unknown to many. However, a few years ago, a former Miss France was found dead at home, has apparently attempted suicide by hanging herself from a noose in the neck. This discovery lead investigators to believe that the singer was an anorexic, and that she may have been suffering from severe bulimia while she was living with Dion. After the death of this former Miss France, it was found out that Dion had been living with anorexia for most of her life.

Celine Dion’s weight loss gain has been the result of many rumors and gossip accounts that have been circulating around the internet. There was a stage show by a popular talk show host that claimed that Celine Dion had was trying to get rid of weight through doing a series of pushups when she went to visit Miami to meet with members of The Royal family. These rumors were circulating all over the internet, and the singer even addressed the rumors at a concert recently, stating “there are some rumors that I’m on a diet, but I am not. I am happy and looking forward to meeting all of you.” With the large following of Celine Dion fans, it should be easy to see why this pop star is trying to shed off the weight.

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