Basic tips and information on Diet and Exercise 🏃



• Cardio – cardiovascular workouts are great for the body as it helps with both health and losing weight. Start out by just walking if you are not comfortable running. The elliptical machine is also a great way option for those who are not ready to run. If you are ready or comfortable to run, feel free to do so.

• Resistance or Weight Training – it is important to incorporate resistance or weight training into your routine as this helps build and develop muscles which will lead to a great physique and a healthy body.

• Stretching – stretching at the end of workouts can help with the body’s flexibility and prevent any injuries.


• Counting Calories – determine how many calories your body should have, this can be easily done online. Get your height and your weight to help with the process. Also, read the labels of what you are eating so as to get a rough estimate of your calorie intake.

• Protein and Grains – lean protein helps with your muscles while whole grains give you fiber for proper digestion.

• Removing Sweets – start off removing one kind of sweets at a time. Soft drinks and sweet beverages should be replaced with real fruit juice, green tea, and water. Try to wean off of sweet foods as well so as to help with overall body health and energy.


I’ve just started to count and watch my caloric intake 3 weeks ago. Hopefully, I get to lose weight in the following months. I do stretching and cardio too but not weight training. I’m afraid that I might be too heavy that I can hurt myself while doing it.


If you warm up your muscles before lifting weights, you shouldn’t be worried. Did you make any progress?


They say the diet counts 70% and the exercise 30% in the weight loss process. No one is telling you to workout every day. Just around 3 days per week.


Try joining Zumba session every morning, I try Zumba here in our community and I can say that there is really a good effect in my diet. So I will suggest to try this also.