Anyone familiar with Telemedicine?

Was curious if anyone was familiar with this? Another group mentioned a service from California. with Dr. Kojian. I am searching to see if anyone has any experience with them. During my search I bumped into this Community board. Fingers crossed this isn’t one of those scam forums.


I am from Texas. So I am unable to use Dr. Kojian
Because of that, I go through Dr. Elias Karkalas with
I have to go through Todd who enters the order of his site with the pharmacy. He enters the order in and then has you call the pharmacy. To arrange an appointment with the on-site doc.

Around 30 mins before the appointment the doc will send you a text message with a link that connects you to him.

He does a video call with you.
And once that is complete, if the order is approved.
You should receive the medication refill the next day or the following.

They just added ozempic shots. Semaglutide.
The doc also helps with refills for this.

With Todd you can refill the k25 phentermine tablets and the N3 capsules as well going through Dr. E.K.

Fast and discreet, very convenient for me.

Todd makes it easy.

This would be the capsules I received from T.

All came in via USPS. very easy and reliable. :+1: