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“Be Wise: The Body can Lie and Tell you the Truth”​
(“A Keen Mental Eye on Bodily Responses”)

Be wise, the body does not like to change from the atypical norm given it, and will give stipulations to this effect through mental and physical responses, but at the same time, is a very efficient and adaptive bodily mechanic.

For example: The body would like nothing more than to sit on the couch munching “Doritos” all day while watching television and gain weight. The body is in its “comfort zone”. But, then “mentally” you decide to change and set a mental path for this change—but, physically no change has occurred yet—Mental and Physical Separation has just occurred.

However, once you begin an outward action in furtherance of this mental change and this begins to effect and affect the body, physically (though diet and training stimulation), something rather extraordinary occurs—especially at the beginning. The separation of mind and physical body is now erased and become enjoined. Why? Because the biological changes stimulated by diet and training start to affect your brain and thus the various other mental aspects of “yourself”; the body just simply doesn’t like to change and is resisting.

Understanding this problematic, but essential and normal response is important. Some persons are really motivated until this essential factor begins to wear them down little by little. What one doesn’t realize is the reason for this response: The change has already begun—and the fruit from this effort is in fact a positive one to embrace.

This simple “change epidemic” is quite powerful at the beginning for good reason, and its one we will encounter throughout diet and training, at various intensity levels.

This shows how powerful the mind is in simplicity form. As time moves forward—this adjoined mental and physical composite continues its bi-lateral unity. However, some other changes occur in the journey.

If one gets past the “initial resistance” the body will show outward indications of adapting—this can be both positive and negative. The mind is still present and persistent with the path chosen for the body, so they’re still adjoined; however, what determines further unity enjoinment is the minds perception of the bodily response whether positive or negative.

Example #1: You just come off of two days of complete rest, and in your mind you gave the body enough recuperation time and rest. But, your bodily feeling is one of “laziness” or lack of energy (we are assuming diet is correct in this example).

Is this a lack of rest or just pure “laziness” on part of the physical body? This example flips back to the brain—to take charge of the situation. You are enjoining your mentality to a negative situation based on “Facts”—not feeling.

Example #2: Your still enjoined mentally and physically, but your body isn’t returning the fruits of this investment-quite like you expected. Again, the body only responds “favorably or unfavorably” based on the type of stimulants given. The body has no mind, and has no way of knowing if you are lifting “Bricks or “Rocks”, and therefore has no choice but to respond to the function of those “Bricks and Rocks”. In contrast, it’s the same with the diet—it still knows nothing—but uses what is ingested according to its design intention.

With this in mind, your mind is going to make or break you, and you can cause a separation of the mind and body if you are not careful. So who is at fault? The mind or the body? (assuming healthy individuals). Your body “knows didly-squat” , your mind is at fault.

Your body is only responding to the mental application you have provided: in and outside the diet and in and outside training sessions. Its responding to what you have allowed mentally. Thus, you need to adjust mentally to obtain a different outward bodily reaction. Your fruits will be determined on how you mentally respond.

If you look at the bodily response (whether negative or positive) as just that, “a response” this can change you. A bad response may not be the one you are looking for, but it can indicate something is “amuck” and something needs to be changed. And, this has to occur within your mind to allow the body to adapt and change.

“Environmental Triggers”​

An Environmental Trigger is a Intricate and dynamic factor caused or assisted by ones’ personal environmental circumference experienced.

External Intricate and Dynamic Factors (short list) (The Triggers):

•Work: boss, co-workers
•Work environment
•Family, friends, children, spouse, strangers
•Family environment
•Casual: Shopping for groceries, shopping for other items, etc
•Food: the smell and looks of food, people eating
•Simply Driving
(just a few examples)

Internal (Trigger Response Sources) (a few):
•Unknown: An unexplained feeling you cannot “reasonably” connect to an outside Environmental Trigger.

Personal Application:

Exposing, separating, and then recognizing, the differences of personal “Strengths and Weaknesses” between “Environmental Triggers” and the “Trigger Response Sources”.

Having the conscious ability to recognize a weakness and being able to carry over an inner mental strength to suppress and/or control a weakness is key exercise to mental strength and endurance. And, the opposite is true: Sometimes a perceived strength can be a weakness. In this situation, you have mental psychic that is neutral—Independent and Secular Common Sense. Secular means: not connected, nor necessarily controlled. Common Sense means: Reasoning that is based on segregated impartialism and is not prejudiced toward any input that is provided whether internal or externally presented. It ways facts and circumstances to produce its opinion, and one wants this internal factor to be brutally honest.

Intuitive Instinct:

“Prevent and Protect against bad natured Impulses”.

Its first checking with your internal conscious before making an outward physical action when there are other sources in the body wanting a different covert act; Intuitive instinct is usually the subtle and reasonably correct advice and decision giver. Do more than listen to this, it often times will lead you correctly.

“Be able to separate self from the environment”

Like methodically peeling an orange and exposing its interlining fruit; so should our eyes peer meticulously into our environment and its inhabitants to seek personal power in its features. Likewise, let your sense of perception be untainted by slavery to one’s self and be open to breathe in the attributes of our immediate surroundings and your personal placement within it.
The inhabitants within our environment can be teachers to one’s self when the self is in recognition of the separation between one’s self–from the existence of certain virtues and the behavior of the inhabitants within society, and its governmental and/or business functions.

This type of recognition of separation, brings self awareness to one’s self and contributes to our connection with the environment (and its inhabitants), and provides the separation of the attributes of man and environment due to the freedom to evaluate the differences and similarities between them; this assists in the pursuit of wisdom due to learning about one’s self within the surrounding existence.

The truest apprehension of wisdom is learning to master yourself .-Chillen

“Fruit in versus Crap out”

You must have cognitive ability to allow in your mind what you want and weed out what you don’t want. This takes strong personal character.

Imprison your mind and you imprison yourself --Chillen

“Support Instincts”​

Encircle yourself with appropriate support. Realize that not everyone will agree to the degree and/or nature of your goal or possibly understand it.
There will be times you will have to revert and/or retreat to be your own self supporter and you must have enough self awareness to allow this to happen. Create enough support that you require to get the job done. It doesn’t matter whether another disagrees with your approach, what does matter, is whether the support system in place works for you. No matter the type, how large, or how small. Realize that persons are going to have opinions and others will have opinion on these opinions. Filter it out, and pick a series of items that work for you. If one item or a serious of items fail to stimulate you, pick another. Find one that works for you-despite the nay speakers.

“The Power of Choice”​

It is a conception, a simple personal value, and a universal truth, that exists and suggests that all actions and perceptions are of my choosing and are a result of free will. It is a catalyst for change.

It can elevate a person to heroic heights or hurl a person to desperate levels of despair.

Putting the Power of Want, Audacity of Want, Separation of Strengths and Weakness between the Environmental Triggers and Trigger Response Sources, Time Disparity, and Sense of Time, into the exclusive Power of Choice, can assist you in making a choice that is a favorable addition to your goal (s).

Be aware of your choices.

Analyze your choices. Once you become aware of making a decision, ask yourself, “Will this choice help me to succeed or hold me back?”

Make your choice. After realizing whether the choice is helpful or harmful, make a decision for the best.

Act on your choice.

Multiply your choices, if applicable.

The following quote (by someone else), I held true to my heart to the point it become a personal conviction:

“I will always remember that the true measure of individuals is the height of their ideals, the breadth of their compassion, the depth of their convictions, and the length of their patience.”

“I choose to stop robbing my future by being irresponsible.”