Always hungry due to leptin resistance

Leptin is a hormone that controls appetite and hunger. Sometimes, when your brain isn’t picking up the leptin cells, you cannot stop eating.
Although researchers don’t know what causes leptin resistance, they connect obesity, type 2 diabetes, thyroid issues, and elevated triglycerides in the bloodstream to it.
A sedentary lifestyle and a diet rich in processed foods and simple carbohydrates could also lead to leptin resistance, in the same ways those factors lead to weight gain and other obesity-related illnesses.

I keep seeing new studies and new findings, but when will everyone be able to benefit?

Courtney, you’ve got a point! But until then, we will pay for wonder medicine and diets that will only help us temporarily.

My food coach recommends me to drink water or fresh juice when I am hungry. And you know it works. Recently I ordered special bottles for fresh juice on which I can use during my running and fitness exercises in gym.