5 simple cooking mistakes that could be making you FATTER

1. Not measuring the added fat

While some types of oil are better for us, like extra virgin olive oil, it does not mean that you can consume unlimited volumes of it.

2. Using too many sauces

Certain cuisines including Asian and Mexican dishes often suggest using a myriad of sauces and seasonings to flavour up the meal.

Take a standard stir fry, sometimes three or four different sauces are added, each of which adds calories, a whole lot of extra salt and even extra sugar.

3. Too much protein

The issue with this style of eating is that we consume far more protein than we need at the expense of low calorie, nutrient rich vegetables.

4. Cooking in oil or butter

While oil can be used, there are a number of pans and grills that require no added oil in cooking.

5. The added extras

It may be some feta, or avocado, sour cream, gravy or grated cheese but when we cook at home we are often adding a number of extras to make our meals taste great but which also add literally hundreds of calories.

I strongly agree with 1,2 and 5!

Not making any of these and still not losing weight :(((

I’m not buying the 3rd rule. There’s a diet based on protein meant for weight loss.