5 Best Teas for Weight Loss

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Wow! Seriously? Has anyone tried to regularly drink these types of tea?

I drink green tea quite often. I had no clue about the benefits of the other teas. If I think about it, I could easily replace sodas with tea when I’m at home and even spend a lot less doing this. Might give it a try!

Thanks for sharing these amazing teas for weight loss. Detox teas have many properties which are beneficial for your body to lose weight and stay fit. It clears out the excess waste from your body and allows your system to function more efficiently. You can have detox tea before or after your meals.

The page you linked is in French. What are the ingredients of this detox tea?

I remember reading this somewhere that detox teas are just a hoax, just as detox powders are. Presumably our bodies are capable of detoxing themselves and we should just try to maintain a balance and eat clean and healthy for things to work properly.

Do you girls know if it’s ok to add milk to these teas?

Lactose isn’t recommended in some diets, sweetie. It depends on which diet you’re on.