40+LBS shred in 2 months+

Manifest Monday!!! In some African cultures, there are five main initiation rites of passage that are essential to human growth and development. Here, I was honored to connect with my Maasai tribe global family in Tanzania. I realized that wholistic weight loss is really a modern-day rite of passage, it’s when we go through our own shero’s holistic weight loss journey we reap the benefits of permanent weight-loss, a sense of deep fulfillment, comfortable in our own skins, radiate confidence and increase vitality. After shedding 40+lbs in 2months+ and maintaining a healthy weight for 5+years, I now know my wholistic weight loss journey was my modern-day rites of passage that help me return home to my true authentic self inside/out. The journey forced me to challenge myself to grow, to stretch, take on things that I’ve never had to take on, to think differently to actually be different. I’ve had to manage my emotions with food.
I’ve had to manage my energy.
I’ve had to manage my expectations.
I’ve had to manage my thoughts.
I’ve had to constantly question
myself over and over and over again.
I’ve had to learn new skills.
I’ve had to adapt to the challenges. I’ve had to constantly do all this over and over again. Hense, holistic weight loss can be a vehicle to massive transformation. Wholistic weight loss rites of passage are not an easy path, many of us come out the other side stronger and wiser. Some of us come out the other side but fall again to weight loss and gain roller coaster. Worse yet, some of us don’t make it out at all. Are you ready to do weight loss differently? with guidance, you too get to be the victor in your holistic weight loss journey. Send me a message to learn more about wholistic weight loss.

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