30 days workout routine


Exercising regularly is an important factor for weight loss and as the saying goes, “A sound mind in a sound body”. 30 days workout routine can help you get rid of excess weight and reduces the burden on the joints. For some people it can also mean to reduce from the amount of drugs they consume, such as drugs to lower blood pressure or diabetes, leading to saving money and avoiding side effects of those medicines. Taking your workout routine during the egg diet can play a significant role to preserve a healthier body in a short period of time.

If you were not able to exercise cardio workouts efficiently, there are still many weight loss workouts that are easy and effective if you continue on following them for a whole consecutive month. Although cardio workouts like running, jogging and swimming are widely recommended especially when you are dieting. One of the best ways is to start is walking and jogging for 20 minutes and with the passage of weeks, you should increase the time and effort of the workout.

1- Push-ups exercises:
2- Triangular muscle exercises:
3- Plank exercises:

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