2022 IS GONNA BE MY YEAR! (currently 328 lbs)

Hey girls!!

First of all, this isn’t some weird try to advertise or anything like that, this is my real experience. So please be nice.

I have struggled with overweight since 6 years back and every year has been like a rollercoaster. Every year i managed to lose a lot of weight the first 6 months just to gain the weight back in the end of every year. I hate to say this and i never talk about my weight but it feels like i can be myself here, but i’m currently at 328lb…
It feels like i’ve tried everything from intermedient fasting, diets, talked to nutrionists and even tried to exercise but with little progress. I have no friends in my local area that wants to workout with me, i’m to fat and shy to have the energy or mental health to take a walk outside. (If you live around Oregon, feel free to send me a friend request on facebook or instagram, maybe you wanna encourage me to take a walk or even get to know me…)

I’ll tell you more about my story later on.
Now to the thing that really boosted my weight loss journey. My aunt told me about a website 3 months ago that she have been using and the website have been online since 2018 and said to be helping women all across the world, i was a bit skeptical at first to be honest but reviews on internet and forums said otherwise. She recommended me to try their coffee and smoothie (because i have no money) and have been using it for 2 months now.

I’m not gonna lie, this boosted the whole weight loss journey… Since then i’ve been able to have the energy to use my stairs at home as an exercise (go up and down 20 times 4 days a week) and at the same time using their smoothie diet and burn coffee in the morning. During this 2 months i’ve been able to lose 33lbs and I don’t know if its the diet from the website combined with finally being able to use our stairs as “training equipment” or if this is another “first-half-of-the-year-weightloss”.
I’m gonna continue to use the website and my goal is to earn a place in their before/after.

Will update this thread with before/after later today, stay motivated girls!!

Website: https://womens-weightloss.org