15 Min. Full Body Stretch | Daily Routine for Flexibility, Mobility & Relaxation | DAY 7

Welcome to the 15-minute full-body stretch session! A balanced workout also includes adequate rest and recovery! Therefore, on day 7 of our fitness journey, a beneficial and balancing stretching routine is on the agenda. For more flexibility, rest & relaxation.

watch my video

Yes, this video also comes without voice-over :wink: Deliberately! Because, unlike a guided stretching or yoga unit, here you really are complete with yourself! Just you, the music, your breath, and a little beep here and there :wink: So maybe today you’ll open up for exactly this path with an open mind. Even if it’s only once.
It will be different - I am convinced of that. Because when it’s quiet outside, it often gets pretty loud inside.

I want to encourage you to get involved…
Enjoying and exploring the positions…
Thoughts that arise along the way, just observe…Leave it alone…Accept…
letting go…
To be!

In addition, this type of practice is a good opportunity for a transition to yoga self-practice - i.e. independent practice. The asanas and the time are predetermined, but the instructions are up to you this time. So if you have been doing yoga with me for a while practice, please use today’s “no-talking session” to take stock of things in terms of orientation and mindset.
What are the shoulders doing in the forward bend, where are the hands aligned in the quadruped, and what was the downward-facing dog called again in Sanskrit… :wink:

That’s just a small impulse on my part because, in my opinion, different situations offer us different possibilities. All we have to do is look carefully and notice them… and embrace them!

watch my video

If you don’t resist anyway, that’s fine too :heart:.
Then feel free to do this guided full-body stretch session instead (15 minutes)
If you want more, do a 30-minute full-body stretch:

And if you’re wondering what she’s actually saying, I just want to stretch :joy::joy::joy:
Perfect! Then you are exactly right here :heart: